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Big Changes and Challenges on the Rise in Analysis and Simulation
In this month's Industry Spotlight we are looking at the advances, challenges and solutions in analysis and simulation technology.

Notably, ANSYS announced cloud-based simulation with ANSYS Enterprise Cloud this spring, along with other innovative solutions like ANSYS AIM for multiphysics simulations and the ANSYS ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package.

MSC Software also made headlines with the latest release of their material simulation and management solution MaterialCenter 2015, in May. MaterialCenter is a tool that can be used to integrate material data into CAE software like Abaqus, ANSYS and Nastran. Granta Design announced the latest version of their materials management software as well, MI:Materials Gateway 3.1, enabling materials choices specified in CAD to be accessed in the CAE environment, so analysts can quickly identify the correct material models for simulation. MI:Materials Gateway has interoperability with CATIA, CReo Inventor, NX Abaqus/CAE, Altair's HyperMesh and more.

Also, trending this year, the Internet of Things (IoT), is being addressed by Mentor Graphics who launched the new release of Nucleus Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for embedded software and Internet of Things devices, including medical devices, energy management systems, and wearables.

We've also heard a lot in the way of 3D printing and the role of analysis and simulation for preparing parts for 3D prints. In February Altair announced that their Optistuct optimization software (also included in Altair Hyperworks) had added capabilities for dealing with complex shapes for 3D printing.

NAFEMS, the International Association for the Engineering Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Community, had also introduced a 3D printing track at their annual NAFEMS World Congress. Other key trends were addressed at NAFEMS like appification, CAE democratization, and simulation-driven design, focusing on simulation throughout the entire product lifecycle and getting tools in the hands of non-experts.

And while many advances have been made, the Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Summit (ASSESS) was held by founders, Joe Walsh and Brad Holtz to discuss CAE challenges like usability, design centric workflows and analysis before CAD.

You can read more about the top challenges they identified, along with proposed solutions; and learn more about the topics mentioned above in the list of articles below in this Industry Spotlight.

We'd like to thank our key sponsors ANSYS, Altair, DS SIMULIA, and ASSESS for making this Industry Spotlight possible.

We also invite you to attend our Webinar and Roundtable "Big Changes for Analysis and Simulation: Are You Ready?" taking place October 6, at 12:00 PM EDT. Take the survey and secure your spot here.
The Advent of Simulation-driven Design
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
We talked to many vendors this year about analysis and simulation and they all had a common goal of enabling simulation-driven design.

A Step Towards a Seamless Tomorrow: Simulation Roles on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
The integration of simulation tools like 3D modeling, finite element, CFD & optimization are demonstrated in this webinar by DS SIMULIA.

Mixing Industry: Saving Through Fine-Tuning or Design Exploration?
By CD-adapco
This article discusses how CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+ is used for measuring the mixing quality in a number of products like food, polymers and biofuels.

Case Study: CETOL 6 Tolerance Analysis Provides Valuable Insights for ABB SACE
By Sigmetrix
The switchboard manufacturer saw several advantages with CETOL, including reduction of redesign cycles, reduced reworks and fewer prototypes.

Simulation for Everyone Who Needs It!
By Robert Farrell, Farrell MarCom, LLC
Robert Farrell makes the case on how simulation software is not just for experts anymore with software like Comet Solutions' SimApps.

Abaqus Tips & Tricks: Changing Default Font-Sizes
By Ebbe Smith, PLM Technology
Ebbe Smith of PLM Technology demonstrates how to increase the default font size from eight point to 12 point in the Abaqus/Viewer.

Simulation and Modeling Collaboration with PLM
By Kenneth J Rasche, P.E. Senior Engineering Manager, Whirlpool Corp
In this presentation from the 3DCIC, Whirlpool discusses how organizational collaboration of simulation and modeling offers huge advantages.

Introducing ANSYS AIM
Introduced in ANSYS 16.0, ANSYS AIM is an integrated and comprehensive multiphysics simulation environment designed for all engineers.

Top CAE Challenges ASSESSED
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
The Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Summit (ASSESS) founders explain how to improve workflows and simulation software.

Using Altair to Optimize and Prepare Your 3D Models for 3D Printing
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
Altair has two offerings OptiStruct and solidThinking Inspire for optimized lattice structures and getting your models 3D print ready.

What's New in FloTHERM XT 10? 40+ User Requested Enhancements for Starters
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
The new version of Mentor's CFD software, FloTHERM, includes 40+ user requested enhancements including EDA Tool Connectivity and Joule Heating.

Why is it Important for Designers to Run Analysis?
By Dan Smith, INCEPTRA
Inceptra provides an overview of Dassault's "Analysis for Designers" portfolio, which includes a set of analysis tools in the CATIA V5 environment.

Case Study: Dr. Sauer and Partners
By Dassault Systemes
Dr. Sauer and Partners used SIMULIA for 3D modeling and simulations of the London underground, giving them valuable insights to the project.

ANSYS Brings Simulation to the Cloud
By John Myers, ConnectPress Editor
Last month ANSYS announced ANSYS 16.1 now available in the cloud with ANSYS Enterprise Cloud, plus enhancements to ANSYS AIM, ANSYS Redhawk and more.

Faster Time to CFD with ANSYS SpaceClaim
By SpaceClaim
ANSYS SpaceClaim makes volume extraction and model repair fast and easy.

Introducing ANSYS 16.0
By Jim Cashman, ANSYS
Enhancements include features for connected electronic devices, simulating total spectrum of structural materials and enabling model-based systems.

Matereality Software for Your Product Development Team
By Matereality
Workgroup Material DatabasePro helps teams maintain a material database containing materials information, properties, and CAE input cards.

H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. Employs CETOL 60 Tolerance Analysis Solution
Press Release Issued by Sigmetrix
The IT infrastructure solution provider out of China, chose CETOL 6 Sigma from Sigmetrix as their tolerance analysis software.

ANSYS Takes the Gold in ConnectPress Analysis and Simulation Industry Spotlight
Press Release Issued by ConnectPress
Analysis and simulation leader, ANSYS is the Gold Sponsor of the ConnectPress Analysis and Simulation Industry Spotlight publishing September 21.

Big Changes For Analysis and Simulation: Are You Ready?
Announcement by ConnectPress
Join ConnectPress on October 6 for a webinar and roundtable on analysis and simulation featuring vendors and users. Take this survey to sign up.

Simufact.forming Version 13 is Available Now
Press Release Issued by Simufact Engineering
The new version provides improvements in post processing, evaluation and the depiction of the simulation results, result precision and speed.

ANSYS 16.2 Releases The Latest Advances In Systems Engineering Technology
Press Release Issued by ANSYS
ANSYS 16. 2 introduces a new systems development product, ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package, and updates ANYS AIM platform and Simplorer.

NAFEMS Announces Webinar Series: Simulation 20/20 - The Next Five Years!
Press Release Issued by NAFEMS
NAFEMS has announced a year-long series of fourteen webinars aimed at advancing the understanding of current and emerging CAE technologies.

Mentor Graphics Announces Flowmaster with Enhanced Multi-Arm Tank Component and 1D Pipe Stress Links
Press Release Issued by Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics' Flowmaster includes an improved multi-arm tank component, and integration with complementary 1D pipe stress products like CAESAR II.

Latest MI:Materials Gateway enables a single view of materials data across CAD and CAE
Press Release Issued by Granta Design
New features ensure that material choices from CAD models can be accessed in the CAE environment, so users can identify material models for simulation.

solidThinking Inspire 2015 Offers Increased Speed, Accuracy, and Support for Assemblies
Press Release Issued by Altair
solidThinking Inspire 2015 addresses user requests with features for fasteners, joints and contacts, support for assemblies and more.

MSC Software's MaterialCenter 2015 Release Delivers Material Data Integration
Press Release Issued by MSC Software Corporation
MaterialCenter 2015 is a material process and data lifecycle management solution with direct integration into CAE applications.

Dassault Systemes Announces Commercial Availability of Its First Simulated Human Heart
Press Release Issued by Dassault Systemes
With this model device manufacturers, researchers, and medical professionals will be able to perform virtual tests and visualize the heart's response.

Mentor Graphics Enables Internet of Things Embedded Device Connectivity
Press Release Issued by Mentor Graphics
This solution targets connected IoT applications such as portable medical devices, energy management systems, wearables and smart connected devices.

ESI Group Acquires Ciespace’s Technology Assets for Cloud Based CAE Modeling
Press Release Issued by ESI Group
ESI will combine their tools with Ciespace's cloud-based software offering HPC, an open application framework, real-time collaboration and more.

ANSYS 16.1 Delivers Enterprise Simulation on The Cloud
Press Release Issued by ANSYS
The solution, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), simplifies and accelerates the transition to cloud-based simulation and can be deployed within days.

VCollab Offers CAE Data to 3D PDF Conversion Tools
Press Release Issued by VCollab
VCollab has added the ability to export data to a number of analysis solutions including ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN and ABAQUS.

SimulationForDesign Cloud-Based Service Available
Press Release Issued by Fidesys
SimulationForDesign is a cloud-based simulation service where designers can get an understanding of product performance early in the design phase.

ANSYS Unveils Release 16.0
Press Release Issued by ANSYS
ANSYS recently released version 16.0, which includes added support for structures, fluids, electronics and systems engineering solutions.

CAEfatigue Limited Brings Unique Vibration-Specific Fatigue Software to the Altair Partner Alliance
Press Release Issued by Altair
Altair Partner Alliance (APA) has announced that CAEfatigue VIBRATION is available to HyperWorks users for download.