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Trends in 3D Laser Scanning in 2014
When covering 3D laser scanning in depth this September, we noticed several trends including smaller options, lower prices, easier usability, and technology that turns a smartphone or tablet into a 3D scanner, like Google’s Project Tango.

In terms of cost, we've seen lower priced items like 3D Systems iSense Scanner, which runs $499, which turns an iPad or iPad Mini into a 3D scanner and captures data by simply walking around a target object or environment and capturing the data in real-time. Other similar options include the Occipital Structure Sensor that retails for $379.

These lower cost scanners offer users the ability to quickly and easily create simple 3D models of existing parts and structures without requiring them to take on the expense or develop the expertise needed for higher end scanners.

While companies like 3D Systems and Google have more recently entered the 3D laser scanning market, companies like Creaform have been offering 3D scanners since 2002, with more sophisticated products like the Creaform Go!Scan, which retails at $28,000. However, the lower end scanners seem to be marketed at the prosumer, whereas higher end products like this are designed specifically for AEC and MCAD professionals for reverse engineering of complex parts and archiving lost design data, requiring very little rework.

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